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Name:Mysterium Tremendum
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Mysterium Tremendum
There are some here who are new. Those who took an unwitting, unintended step, a footfall into an unknown from which they can't return. Maybe it was the doorway to a darkened room, a subterranean culvert, a mirror reflecting mirrors, or just a clear puddle in the rain. It could have happened anywhere, any time, an exceptional moment or an unremarkable one, and it brooked no warning. The Gate works one way, and for those new unfortunates—those "outlanders"—the world has become a foreign place.

There are some, as well, who've always been here. Who know no worlds but this—their own. Save for the occasional shock, most live and die secure in the surety to which they were born: humanity's singular eminence and dominion on the earth are a given. Outlanders are the stuff of dark fantastic tales, a fiction that doesn't exist. For those who've had cause to glimpse another truth, to learn that the world's natural law is a diaphanous veil kept pulled across the eyes, insanity is often the inevitable result. But there are a scant handful who know, who have gazed into the terrible abyss over which they walk and raised their heads and hands to steady those around them. Steady them, lest the whole world fall.

And then there are those—those others—for whom the passing of eons is like an eye's blink. Outer Gods and Great Old Ones, immense malevolent deities beyond the scope of comprehension, nightmare servitor races that dwell in the deep and secret places of the earth, their spawn too numerous to be imagined. These are beings meant not to be disturbed, and yet, perhaps called upon by the deranged and misguided, they are stirring. And if they are called up, they may not be put down.

Only the deranged, the lunatic, would call, but there are those that do. And maybe that's why you're here, Outlander—by accident, by chance, but for now with no way back. Maybe, if you're willing, you can help us. And we, in turn, can help you.
Mysterium Tremendum is a plot-heavy multi-fandom gothic sci-fi/horror game set in 1920's America and based on the lore and writings of H.P. Lovecraft. With a focus on narrative and collective story-telling, we offer a variety of ways for characters to come into the game and a dynamic setting that will evolve over time as a result of character actions.

Reserves & Applications: CLOSED due to our upcoming OPEN EVENT

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